Welcome and thank you for considering us for your child’s educational future success. Choosing
the right school to bring out the best in your child and assist them in achieving their fullest
potential is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

At Inspire World American School, our guiding statements drive the school’s planned decision
making and development. When a student and their family join Inspire World American School,
we welcome the entire family starting a wonderful learning journey. Through a dedicated
commitment to developing incredible students, our extraordinary teaching and support staff
deliver an outstanding educational experience. This learning pathway encompasses a
rigorous curriculum, inspires innovation and provides a pathway for emotional and social
development in each student.

As a community, we understand that strong, positive relationships between home and school
are paramount to each student’s success. We value an open line of communication with our
supportive parents and ongoing feedback. Our school encourages parents to be involved in our
school program as we understand the concept that it takes a village to educate a child.

Dr. Steven Bahler

Founding Principal

Commitment to Our Families

Inspire World American School has a deep commitment to the families in our school to provide the highest level of education and prepare our students to continue their education overseas either in the immediate or distant future. It is our promise to ensure that all our students are reaching their academic potential along with a strong sense of self-identity, self-confidence and social responsibility.