Inspire World American School welcomes children from all communities and backgrounds. Our school has a comprehensive admissions policy that gives Burmese and expatriate students access to a rigorous, culturally relevant and well-balanced curriculum. The American curriculum is the fundamental framework that is enhanced by additional extra-curricular programs. This provides an opportunity for every child to succeed and become a confident, lifelong learner. As an international school in Myanmar, we recognize the need to provide the highest possible level of education which allows global opportunities for our students.

Re-enrollment will start in January each year. To reserve a seat for the next school year, a 10% deposit must be made by February 1st. (Q-dees or IWAS students only) These deposits are nonrefundable and guarantee your child a place in the school next year.

*** Students are eligible for re-enrollment unless there were significant behavioral issues or an outstanding balance from the previous school year.

We thank you for your interest in Inspire World American School and look forward to meeting you soon.